Sacramento arena talks to continue Friday

5:17 PM, Apr 26, 2012   |    comments
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Sacramento Kings

SACRAMENTO, CA - In an attempt at a last-second shot to build a new arena in Sacramento with the Kings as tenants, Mayor Kevin Johnson and George Maloof sat down Thursday with their respective teams.

The meeting took place at city hall and lasted three hours.

Both sides agreed to continue talking Friday morning.

"The objective tomorrow will be to resolve some issues, maybe narrow the gap of understanding around critical issues," said Johnson. "I think a lot of issues have been identified and there was a positive outcome of the meeting."

It appears this round of negotiations will be much different than those prior.

Both sides are making it known the public will be kept in the dark until a deal is reached or one has fallen apart for good.

"We're not going to negotiate in public and I don't have a lot to say about what transpired in the room," Johnson said. "We talked about issues in general. There was a little progress and we've heard their perspective."

City Manager John Shirey offered a little more.

"While those were productive exchanges of information, we weren't in negotiations," said Shirey. "We weren't trying to somehow reach a new agreement, We did, however, agree to meet tomorrow morning again.

"We still don't have a deal and I still don't see the elements coming together," Shirey added. "But I think talk is positive. And sure, I think anytime the parties are communicating that's better than not."

Johnson also discussed the timeline for both the city and franchise. He said if there's any chance of building a new arena in time for the 2015 NBA season, they have a maximum of two weeks to reach an agreement.

by Nick Monacelli


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