Top 10 NFL free agents on market

1:10 PM, Mar 13, 2012   |    comments
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When the N.F.L. free agency period gets underway Tuesday afternoon, expect these 10 players to be the biggest targets on the market.

  1. Peyton Manning - You may have heard a little bit about this guy on the open market recently. 
  2. Mario Williams - If it weren't for Peyton Manning, Williams would be the talk of free agency. A top draft pick and one of the best pass rushers in the league. $$$ 
  3. Carl Nicks - Says he wants to be the highest paid offensive lineman ever. Might make some question his motives. 
  4. Vincent Jackson - Big, fast, great hands. He's got it all. Will probably be the highest paid of the free agent wide receivers 
  5. Mike Wallace - Although a restricted free agent, many see Wallace headed out of Pittsburgh. 
  6. Stephen Tulloch - Contributed largely to Detroit's run defense 
  7. Cortland Finnegan - Probably the top CB on the market, with Brandon Carr a close second 
  8. Matt Flynn - Good in a couple games, but still very unproven. Career could mirror the likes of Scott Mitchell, Charlie Whitehurst, and the like. 
  9. Jeremy Mincey - Probably the best free agent you've never heard of
  10. Paul Solai - The nose tackle has quitely become one of the league's great big men.

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