Stockton school Christmas decor 'ban' explained

7:27 PM, Dec 6, 2011   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - The superintendent of the Lincoln Unified School District in Stockton tried to settle the firestorm over holiday decorations in his district.

Tom Uslan said by phone the policy has not been changed and there are schools in his district that do have traditional Christmas decorations like Santa Claus and Christmas trees.

It was last week News10 first reported teachers at Claudia Landeen received this notice: "District office would like to remind everyone when displaying holiday decorations in and around school to be mindful, no association to any religious affiliation i.e. Santa, Poinsettias, Christmas trees, etc.  Safe: Snowflakes, snowmen, etc."

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It became a topic of discussion on Sacramento's Armstrong and Getty radio program and the national Fox Television network. It also generated furious discussion on News10's Facebook page when it first was reported.

Uslan said last week it was up to the principal at each school to determine what is appropriate.  Tuesday afternoon he said, "well- intentioned people may take a step that's incongruous with district expectations.  That's been corrected."

In other words, it would appear the principal at Claudia Landeen was told to deal with problems when they arise and until then, Christmas trees, Santa and poinsettias are acceptable.




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