Cabbage Patch Kids to return in time for Christmas shopping

5:39 AM, Jun 29, 2012   |    comments
Cabbage Patch Kids dolls
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One of the hottest toys of the 1980's is slated to be rereleased in time for Christmas 2012. According to the Sun newspaper in England, the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls are coming back, and consumer experts say they're going to be the hit of the holiday season.

The adorable, adoptable little orphans took the country by storm in their heyday with millions of children, and adults, taking custody of the little tykes. Their popularity also spawned movies, cartoons, board games and even a record.

It is unlikely that Cabbage Patch Kids enjoy the same degree of popularity in an age where children are drawn more to digital displays than dolls, but nostalgic enthusiasts will likely be plotting a row on the shelf for a new crop of kids.


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