Both candidates await health care ruling this week

11:51 AM, Jun 23, 2012   |    comments
New poll gives President Obama 13 point lead over Mitt Romney.
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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Their positions are clear.
President Barack Obama ardently defends his federal health care overhaul. Republican challenger Mitt Romney adamantly opposes it.

But this coming week, when the Supreme Court rules on the
constitutionality of the law, both sides will be scrambling for
political gain no matter the outcome.

If the court upholds the law, Obama will get vindication for his
signature legislative accomplishment. Romney will have a concrete target for his pledge to repeal it.

If the court rules against part or all of the law, Obama could
blame Romney, congressional Republicans and a conservative-leaning court for denying health benefits to millions of people in the United States. Romney could claim victory for his assertion that the government overreached.

The Associated Press

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