UC Davis student dies from head injury at post Picnic Day party

7:50 AM, Apr 19, 2011   |    comments
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  • Scott Heinig

DAVIS, CA - Davis Police are keeping mum on details of the death of a popular UC Davis baseball star. Investigators are classifying it as a death investigation only, but the original call into firefighter paramedic help, made them suspicious.

"Young males don't just fall over and get critically injured," said Davis Police spokesman, Lt. Paul Doroshov.

Scott Heinig, 22, was taken to UC Davis Medical Center in critical condition after he sustained a head injury from a fall Saturday evening. He died there later Sunday.

"We're seeing where this takes us and we don't want to release any information that'll jeopardize the investigation on our end," said Lt. Doroshov.

The private party where Heinig fell included about 10 to 15 people and was held after the university's annual Picnic Day.

Neighbors, like Scott Normandin, a UC Davis student, said the party had been relatively quiet. "It was pretty laid back, quiet around here, nothing really going on, next thing you know there's ambulances and cop cars everywhere."

An occupant of the 5th Street townhouse said Heinig's family asked that she not speak to the media, but did want to clear up that the townhouse did not host a party Saturday night, and only a few friends were invited over.

"You think it's just a normal day and then I mean, what we saw, it was literally chilling. To see that everybody can just be having a good time, having a great time all day and then in the blink of an eye it's over," said Nate Schorer, a UC Davis student who was next door at the time of Heinig's fall.

Heinig was a standout baseball player at Davis High School and later played for the UC Davis baseball team.

Heinig's former high school coach, Dan Ariola, said he was a "great player" who had come back to volunteer as an assistant coach.

"The energy and smile that he brought every day and the effort; unbelievable. A great kid. He touched everybody and was always positive," Ariola said.

A press release from Davis police said alcohol may have been a factor in the Heinig's death. 


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