Family of Elvia Flores of Live Oak fear kidnapping is an act of revenge

11:32 PM, Apr 13, 2010   |    comments
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SUTTER COUNTY, CA-- The family of 14 year old Elvia Flores told News10 they believe her abduction may be some form of retaliation.

Authorities issued an Amber Alert for Flores Monday. She and a
15-year-old friend were abducted from Live Oak High School in Sutter County around 8:30am, according to the Sutter County Sheriff's Department.

Flores friend was found last night and is now safe.

Tuesday afternoon, News10 spoke with Flores' mother, Monica Hernandez and aunt, Irene Flores in Spanish. Flores' aunt believes someone kidnapped the girl in an act of revenge.

Two weeks ago Flores got into a fight with another young woman. Family members said, the woman allegedly punched Flores in the face following an argument over a rock-throwing incident. Flores' family pressed charges against the woman.

According to Flores' aunt, that woman is a suspected Norteno gang member and is angry about the arrest.

Sonia Alvarez, a neighbor believes the abduction could have been "a form of retaliation as they snitched on a gang member or so-called affilaited one."

Meanwhile, Flores' mother isn't sure who may have been involved in the kidnapping. But, she emphasizes that her daughter is not involved in a gang.

Sheriff's investigators said Flores was taken in front of Live Oak High School on her last day as a student there. Her family  planned to move to Yuba City to get away from the problems in Live Oak.

Investigators said Flores was abducted by four to five Hispanic males who were possibly driving a large brown four-door sedan with an unknown license plate number.

One of the abductors was wearing a black T-shirt, and a black hat with the word "Nor-Cal" spelled out in orange or red letters.

Flores has brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and white shoes.

Flores' friend who was also taken was released in a field. California Highway Patrol Officer Tim Horwath said he was on routine patrol when he spotted the crying girl just before 3 p.m. Monday behind a USA gas station in Orland just off Interstate 5 in Glenn County.

"So I did my duty and checked on her and that's when she told me she was abducted," Horwath said. He said he stayed with her until Orland police arrived to take over.

The 15-year-old was very shaken up and was being medically evaluated according to her older sister. The victim also thinks something was put over her face because she blacked out. The sheriff's department is now investigating the possiblity that she was sexually assaulted.

"When we find out she was kidnapped, it was too hard to believe that. It happened here in Live Oak," said the older sister. "We're happy she's here, but we're so, there's half of us that are still waiting for another one to get home."

As for Flores, her mother said she felt like her heart had been ripped out. She pleaded with the abductors to return her only daughter.

Tuesday evening, investigators were following up text message that went out from someone claiming to be Flores. Lt. James Casner with Sutter County Sheriff's Department wouldn't reveal what it said, just that it was to an acquaintance--an adult. The text was sent several hours after Flores was abducted.

By Suzanne Phan sphan@news10



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