American River visitors react to alcohol ban extension

6:01 AM, Aug 8, 2012   |    comments
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Go Floating on the American River -- It's not just for packs of drunken college kids. Grab some kind of floatation device, find a launch point, jump in and relax as the cool flow carries you downstream.

SACRAMENTO - Opening up bottles of booze on the river could land you in big trouble, now that County Supervisors have extended a ban on alcohol for special events on the American River.

The move comes a month after the "Rafting Gone Wild" event got out of hand, resulting in several fights and 23 arrests. 

"Yeah I think it's a good idea, you don't want a lot of drunken people doing a bunch of horrible things on the river," said Shirley Armintrot, a frequent river visitor.

"Those who want to work the system are gonna work the system, they are gonna hide it in the bushes, three days beforehand, they're gonna find ways to get it on the river right,"said Becky Shrader, a river visitor.

The "Rafting Gone Wild" event cost $30,000 for beefed-up law enforcement and public safety personnel.

"I don't think you can put a price on people's safety," said Cole Sanchez.

Cole and Colin Sanchez came out to the river to cool off. The last thing they wanted on this hot day was an alcoholic beverage.

"I definitely think we should be careful if we're drinking around the water," said Colin  Sanchez.

"If it's getting out of hand, I wouldn't want to see any serious accidents happen because of alcohol," said Colin Sanchez.

The ban extension will give the Parks Director the authority to curb the consumption of alcohol from Watt and Hazel Avenues for special events.


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