Lt. John Pike no longer with UC Davis police force

11:38 PM, Jul 31, 2012   |    comments
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Occupy Davis

DAVIS, CA - The UC Davis officer accused of pepper spraying 11 student protesters in November no longer works on the police force.

Spokesperson for the UC Davis Chancellor Barry Shiller said John Pike's employment ended on July 31, 2012.

Shiller released the following statement:

Consistent with privacy guidelines established in state law and University policy, I can confirm that John Pike's employment with the University ended on July 31, 2012. I'm unable to comment further.

Pike and another officer were caught on cell phone video using pepper spray against students protesting tuition increases at the university.

A report released by a task force in April, assigned to investigate the incident and suggest recommendations for future actions, said the use of pepper spray was uncalled for.

About a week after the report was released, UC Davis police chief Annette Spicuzza resigned.

One of the recommendations by the task force included  using mediators, instead of police, at campus demonstrations.

Deanna Johnson, a 3rd year student at UC Davis, was among the demonstrators pepper-sprayed.

"I was sitting near front. I had burns on my hands after the event," said Johnson. "It's nice to know that a little bit of my tuition is no longer going to his salary. But in reality, it doesn't change much at all. Police still have access to these military grade weapons. The chancellor and assistant chancellor, who ordered this event, are still running this university. They haven't had any backlash toward them whatsoever. This really isn't enough. "

Student Sarena Grossjan was also pepper-sprayed. 

"It's frustrating that people are only focusing on the pepper spray (incident) and not on the students who were involved in the bank protests and have to go through those trials," said Grossjan.

Many of the pepper sprayed student protestors are involved in two lawsuits- a civil one and a criminal one. The pending civil lawsuit involves the ACLU charging the university of illegally pepper spraying and arresting peaceful student protestors said Johnson.

Meanwhile, the Yolo County DA is charging 11 students and 1 professor with criminal charges. Several of them were pepper sprayed students. The DA alleges that the students obstructed the entrance to an on-campus bank branch in a separate protest.

Reporter Suzanne Phan contributed to this story.


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