Child sex trafficking bust in Sacramento arrests 6, rescues 6

6:01 PM, Jun 25, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - FBI and local law enforcement found six underage girl prostitutes and arrested six men suspected of being their pimps during a child sex trafficking ring bust in north Sacramento Monday.

The bust happened in an area of Sacramento called the Stroll; known for the number of prostitutes that walk the street, at Watt Avenue and Orange Grove Avenue.

After nearly a week long investigation, agents said they found six girls ages ranging from 15 to 17 working as prostitutes.

"One of the girls we ran into is a girl we had contact with at 12, she's now 16," Special Agent Minerva Shelton said.

FBI agents said much of their work began online on sex chat sites. Their investigation led them to a north Sacramento parking lot where they found pimps and underage prostitutes.

FBI agents said the victims are usually involves young girls with drug addictions. That was the case with the 16-year-old teen who Shelton met when she was of 12.

"Some of them, but not all, have some type of addiction," Shelton said.


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