Police await autopsy results of Roseville toddler

11:20 AM, Apr 6, 2012   |    comments
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McKinley Gail Wilder

ROSEVILLE, CA -- Investigators are still waiting for the autopsy results of a toddler who was found dead inside a Roseville home on Wednesday evening, according to Roseville police spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther.

Police arrived at a home in the 300 block of Diamond Oaks Road after a call about a child not breathing.

When officers arrived, they found 2-year-old McKinley Wilder dead inside the home. The toddler's mother, Denise Wilder, is being held at the Placer County jail without bail on suspicion of

A family friend went to the home to look for Wilder and that's when the child was found not breathing. The home belongs to Wilder's parents, who were out of town during the incident, according to Gunther.

Investigators said Wilder was drunk when responders arrived at the home on Diamond Oaks Road.

Denise Wilder's five-year-old daughter was also inside the home. She was placed in Child Protective Services and later given to family.

In a court document filed in March 2011, Wilder's then-husband, Mark, said Denise had a history of alcohol abuse.

He wrote, "Night after night, Denise would drink a bottle of wine, or half a bottle of vodka and I stayed with our girls, taking care of them."

He later wrote, "Denise had allowed alcohol to take over her nights. On more than one occasion I had to take both girls and spend the night in Kennedy's room, with the door blockaded. I knew I could never leave Denise and not worry about our daughters' welfare. I stayed with her, for their safety," he wrote.

The couple separated on January 21, 2011. Their divorce file shows a history of feuds and child custody issues.

According to Denise Wilder's declaration filed in Placer County Superior Court, Wilder requested legal and physical custody of her children.

In the summary she wrote, "This request is based on [Mark
Wilder's] temper, volatility, prior physical harm to the children, lack of any contact or responsibility toward his other three children and the complete and total disrespect that he shows for women, by being involved in a fetish life of domination over women..."

Denise Wilder included a document with a screen shot of  Mark Wilder's "friend" discussing the couple's marital status on "FetLife," an online social network that involves fetish and bondage activities.

Denise alleged Mark had numerous sexual partners, sometimes on the same day, and wrote, "[Wilder] has been playing Russian roulette with my life" due to his alleged sexual behavior.

In a July 2011 CPS document, allegations of physical and emotional abuse by Mark Wilder were unfounded. However, the Family & Children's Services employee advised "...the Department has serious concerns about the risk of emotional and physical abuse in the future, if you are not able to find a way to co-parent peacefully."

"The concern in that your daughters will be used as a device to demonstrate resentment between the two of you and the resulting decisions will be based on resentment rather than your girls' well-being," the document read.

At one point, the couple had to pick-up their children from each other inside the Roseville Police Department -- where there is surveillance -- after Denise said Mark slapped her in front of their children, according to a court document.  During the alleged incident, Denise said Mark drove off with a rear door open and the children still inside the vehicle. The couple's daughter later told her teachers about the incident, the document read. Denise's father, Daniel McGrath, also provided a statement about the incident.

In another document, filed in March 2012, Mark Wilder said his daughters were often dirty and complained of hunger when he picked them up from their mother. In the same document, he wrote that he has been denied visits with his children and Denise repeatedly violated joint legal custody.

Wilder also wrote that Denise refused to participate in the county alcohol testing program that was mandated in June 2011, according to his statement.

A woman, who is a former girlfriend of Wilder and did not want to be identified, said in an email "I have no idea what happened to Mickey. I hadn't even spoken to Mark for a couple months, had deleted his (information) from my phone and I have never spoken to or met Denise."

"I have seen him with his girls, and they were never afraid of him, and I never saw him be any kind of  abusive towards them," the woman wrote.

"The entire situation between him and Denise with the divorce and custody was totally volatile. Both of them wanted to hurt each other more than anything."

Denise and Mark Wilder were scheduled for a child custody trial next week in Placer County.


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