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ASMR artists: Videos not for sex, but for relaxation

ASMR artists say the purpose of their videos is to help people relax and fall asleep -- not to sexually arouse.

9:40 PM, May 6, 2013

Father beats man to death with bare hands for sexually abusing daughter

SHINER - A Texas father caught a man sexually assaulting his 4-year-old daughter and punched him in the head repeatedly, killing him, authorities said.

7:55 AM, Jun 12, 2012

Yuba City woman shot, killed by police after census worker run-in

A Yuba City woman who police say was involved in a confrontation with a U.S. Census worker was shot and killed by Yuba City officers after allegedly refusing to drop a shotgun pointed at the officers.

5:00 PM, May 22, 2010

Immigration tactics aimed at boosting deportations

WASHINGTON - U.S. immigration officials laid out plans last year that would ratchet up expulsions of immigrants convicted of minor crimes as part of an urgent push to make sure the government would not fall short of its criminal deportation targets, new records obtained by USA TODAY show.

1:12 AM, Feb 15, 2013

Hyundai botches severance letters to SoCal workers

IRVINE - Hyundai workers who lost their jobs in Irvine have learned they would only receive half of the severance pay they were told they'd get in letters sent out last week.

5:16 PM, Apr 1, 2011

First person ever choked out by Darth Vader dies at 66

Pittsburgh-born thespian was the first person to be Force-choked on screen by Darth Vader.

8:15 AM, Apr 17, 2013

Top Fifteen Square-Enix Games of All Time

The Game Guys count down fifteen best video games ever published by Square-Enix (including the former companies Squaresoft and Enix).

9:35 PM, Jul 18, 2009

Jaycee Dugard to get $20 million settlement from California

Gov. Schwarzenegger says he will sign a bill approved by lawmakers Thursday that covers a $20 million settlement with the family of Jaycee Dugard who was kidnapped as a girl and held captive for 18 years by a paroled sex offender.

9:02 PM, Jul 1, 2010

Sacramento girl rescued in Reno in national sex trafficking sting

RENO - A 14-year-old girl from Sacramento was rescued in Reno following a national law enforcement sting focusing on sex trafficking.

5:26 PM, Jul 29, 2013
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