Districts investigate brawl at youth baseball game

12:09 AM, Apr 4, 2012   |    comments
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CARMICHAEL, CA - A brawl at a baseball tournament in Granite Bay Monday has led to investigations by both the San Juan Unified School District and officials at Yuba City High School.

Phone camera video taken by a parent at the Monday game and posted on YouTube appears to show several Yuba High School JV players charging and punching players on the Del Campo team.

Del Campo coach Alan Case said several of his players were essentially "attacked" by members of the Yuba City squad.

The video has since been taken down.

It was not immediately clear what led to the brawl, but in the video, Del Campo players appear to be taking a mostly defensive stance as coaches from both teams try to separate players.

Yuba City Unified School District superintendent Nancy Aaberg said administrators at Yuba High School have begun an investigation.

"We take this very seriously. This is not the demonstration of sportsmanship that we would otherwise expect of our athletes," Aaberg said. 

Aaberg said she has seen only a portion of the video, and that it's important to reserve judgement until after an investigation is completed.

"I'll just say that certainly from what you see and the activities that are before you, it is very unsettling," Aaberg said.

San Juan Unified School District has asked players and parents not to talk about the incident until an investigation is finished.

"The Del Campo High School community expects sportsmanlike conduct from players and coaches at all times. We are currently looking into this incident and will take any actions appropriate," District spokesperson Trent Allen said in a statement.

The mother of another Del Campo player said the officiating at the game was terrible and may have led to frustration that culminated in the brawl.

"Everyone was getting very frustrated....the umpire wasn't keeping control of the game...there should be discipline," Parent Kelly Mantsch said.

According to Aaberg, players who behaved inappropriately could face significant sanctions.

"The consequences that are at hand for this kind of thing would be suspension from school, suspension from the team, being removed from the team, being placed up for expulsion," Aaberg said.

None of the athletes appears to have been significantly injured, although the parent of one player told News Ten her son's neck was bruised and swollen from a punch.


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